Why Website Speed is Important

A fast website means that the page loads quickly. The speed of the website is possible with website optimization. It is now very easy to have a faster website thanks to new technology and methods. Many companies or organizations whose websites open fast earn more from their websites than those whose websites are slow.

The faster the website is, the more beneficial it is to the user and the owner of the website. If the website is slow, since the page will open late, it will cause the users to close the page without waiting for it to open, and thus cause the website owner to lose visitors.

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What are the disadvantages of a slow website?

The page should load in an average of 6 seconds so that the website does not load slowly. The web page that opens for more than 8 seconds will be slow to load.

As a website owner, you can test the opening speed of your site on https://pagespeed.web.dev/ . You can also get information about loading speed of your site on gtmetrix.com. Thus, you can increase the opening speed of your website with website optimization according to the result.

Loading Speed Matters more than Design

Website owners sometimes forget that the opening speed of the website also occupies an important place when setting up the page layout and designing the web. Another reason that affects the slow loading of the website is using too many unoptimized images. If you want to increase the speed of your website, it is useful to use text and optimized images.

Drop in Google rankings, drop in sales.

Google now includes site speed in its rankings. If your site is slow, it is possible to drop to the lower ranks, even the second or third pages. In addition, according to statistics, every second delay in loading the site can be reflected in sales as a 7% decrease. Delays also lead to backlogs on the support line, as users doubt the success of their purchase from a slow site and contact call centers.

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Here is GTmetrix Performance Report

What is your website loading speed?

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